Response Codes

Response Codes

200: OK – Resource retrieved
Returned in GET/PUT calls.

201: Created – Resource created
Returned in POST calls.

204: Success – No Content
Returned in DELETE calls.

Error Codes

400: Bad Request
This error is returned when an incorrect or incorrectly formatted payload is sent to the API. Review the relevant schemas to resolve it. These validation errors look like the following:


An example of what an error code may look like

The errors array returned contains object(s) with three properties:

  • Code: a machine-readable code for the error
  • Message: an explanation of the error which occurred and why
  • Field: the field at which the error occurred

401: Unauthorized
This error is returned when the Bearer token is incorrect/expired. You will need to obtain another one.

403: Forbidden
This error is returned when access is denied to the requested resource. An example is attempting to call GET /lives/{lifeId}?returnRoot=true, but the life has not accepted the ~/lives/ authorization, hence access to their demographics data is denied.

404: Not Found
This error is returned when the requested resource does not exist.